Mr. Burns, a post-electric play – November 2016

Mr. Burns, a post-electric play
by Anne Washburn
music by Michael Friedman
directed by Miranda Cornell

Susan Stein Shiva Theater
The Philaletheis Society


lighting design by Madeleine Gaidimas
costume design by Sarah Horowitz
set design by Zoe Wennerholm, Kevin Johnson, and Scott Szpisjak
properties design by Walker Kelly
sound design by Whitney Brady-Guzmán

music director: Michael Oosterhout
stage manager: Liv Rhodes
assistant stage manager: Nina Zacharia
production manager: Lydia Wood

featuring: Julianna DeAngelis, Samantha Guss, Gabi Mintz, Myles Olmsted, Katerina Pavlidis, Nicolas Penn, Sam Peterson, and Alison Russell

all photos by Kevin Johnson and Liv Rhodes