Founded by two high school-aged women in 2013, Semicolon Theatre Company seeks to create a professional space where theatre artists and administrators aged twenty-one and under can hone their crafts, collaborate with like-minded peers, and develop artistic works relevant to their own lives. The idea is to create a professional experience for the youngest members of the theatre community who may not otherwise get to have one. This means that our productions come along with a rigorous and intensive play selection, audition and rehearsal process. Furthermore, every artist and administrator is compensated fairly for their work, something that is pretty uncommon for companies of our size and scope.

Semicolon has produced four consecutive seasons at reputable Off-Off Broadway theaters in Manhattan, such as the Wild Project, Teatro SEA through the New York International Fringe Festival, the Kraine Theater, and Access Theater. This includes six productions, three staged readings, and one workshop, and has collaborated with a network of over 50 young artists, administrators, designers, and technicians over the past five years.

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